Noise barrier concept that saves time, money and the environment

KIVA noise barrier and KIVA fence were productised in the autumn of 2017. The price-quality ratio of our noise barrier is unparallel. Measured according to the latest versions of EN 1793-6 and EN 1793-5, the noise reduction level is 33 dB and the sound absorption level is 5 dB. The noise barrier does not include any seams in the plinth or vertical support area through which noise could escape. The rough surface efficiently absorbs noise on both sides of the barrier. Furthermore, a noise barrier with a large mass better filters noise. Meanwhile, the pressure to which the ground is subjected does not exceed the pressure caused by walking.

Clearly the most affordable noise barrier solution

The most important competitive advantage of our noise barrier solution is the superior price. A fully installed SSTec noise barrier can be up to 70% more affordable than competing products.

In infrastructure construction, reduced transport costs also influence the total costs. Only a load-bearing subgrade surface is needed for the foundation of the noise barrier. Such a subgrade can be made using crushed stone from the same construction site. Soil replacement will be kept at a minimum as less soil needs to be removed from the site. The crushed soil for the foundation and the stone material needed to build the barrier itself can be obtained within a short distance.

Solution suited for all soils

With lightening developed in cooperation with Leca Finland and Ramboll, a stone noise barrier can be built on any soil, including soft soil. The costs remain low and building of the noise barrier is fast.

Fastest to build

Depending on the site, we can manufacture up to 100 metres of barrier per day with one machine. This minimises the disadvantage caused to local residents and traffic.

Versatile – several combinations

There are plenty of options for architects. The barrier can be terraced, raised, lowered or curved. It can be used to support climbing plants and the surface can be decorated with wooden lattices, for example. The barrier can also be combined with wooden or transparent barriers.

The barrier can be used as a supporting wall at suitable locations, or even as the foundation for another barrier. Versions of it can be built around parking lots, yards, etc. In the case of a small space, building a barrier or supporting wall that is 0.3 metres deep is possible.

Environmentally friendly noise barrier option

The carbon footprint of the noise barrier is a fraction of that of other noise barrier types. The filling material need not be stone: a noise barrier made from recycled concrete will act as a carbon sink, for example. This means that its total carbon footprint is positive, as the construction process generates less CO2 emissions than the barrier is able to absorb. All the components of the product can be recycled.

Longest lifecycle

The lifecycle of our noise barriers is up to 100–200 years, and the structure is completely maintenance-free throughout its lifecycle. When the lifecycle costs are taken into account, the already affordable noise barrier solution is even more affordable. The lifecycle costs may be up to six times lower than for some of the other noise barrier solutions.