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Mechanical gabion

We use a unique patented method to realize a variety of walls, ramps and exterior faces even for demanding sites.

A basket especially designed for the machine achieves a compact and unified structure. The structure is compacted during filling.

A fast and cost-efficient method: depending on the site, some 50 m2 of wall can be completed in a day.

A durable and ecological product with an extremely small carbon footprint: only 5% of the carbon footprint of concrete. Under normal conditions, a gabion can withstand corrosion for 100–200 years. All the components of a gabion can be recycled.

Clearly the most affordable noise barrier solution

KIVA noise barrier and KIVA fence were productised in the autumn of 2017. The price-quality ratio of our noise barrier is unparallel. Measured according to the latest versions of EN 1793-6 and EN 1793-5, the noise reduction level is 33 dB and the sound absorption level is 5 dB. The noise barrier does not include any seams in the plinth or vertical support area through which noise could escape. The rough surface efficiently absorbs noise on both sides of the barrier. Furthermore, a noise barrier with a large mass better filters noise. Meanwhile, the pressure to which the ground is subjected does not exceed the pressure caused by walking.

Mechanical gabion basket

We have developed a new method of manufacturing gabion fences. We can very quickly create a seamless fence. The seamless structure is sturdy and impressive. There are no visible ties or lacing cords. The fence can be open or closed at the top. The lightweight structure and quick installation make building of the fence affordable, too.

Our unique innovation has been patented.

Embankment gabion basket

An embankment gabion basket is a new way of building a variety of walls and fences easily and affordably. The final result is very neat and impressive. There are no visible ties or lacing cords. The sturdy structure is easy and fast to build. It does not include any seams, either, which makes it very durable. The seamless embankment gabion basket makes for an excellent noise barrier. It can be used when building detached houses and in large-scale projects.

Different kinds of shapes and terracing solutions can be created with the embankment gabion basket. The embankment gabion basket can be used even to support vertical embankments. More spoils can be piled in a smaller area, which reduces the transport costs and the time used to transport the spoils. Planting in the embankment gabion basket is also possible.

Embankment gabion baskets

Professional mechanical engineering and mechanics design services

With decades of experience, SSTec is an engineering office that provides mechanical engineering and mechanics design services. We have developed and designed several patented and award-winning products for our customers. Our customers include Metso Endress+Hauser, Soundim, Hansa Rakenne, Destia and Skanska, for example. SSTec carries out 3D design using modern software.