Embankment gabion baskets

Embankment gabion baskets are an affordable, easy and fast way of building a wall or utilising excess material to build a variety of embankments. They allow for efficient utilisation of excess soil material and also decrease the transport costs. Due to their modular structure, the opportunities with embankment gabion baskets are almost limitless. Embankment gabion baskets can be modified and combined, turned into stairs, or made into straight or curved walls. Embankment gabion baskets can even be used to create a green wall: planting in the embankment gabion baskets is possible.

Properties of embankment gabion baskets

Durable products of high quality: corrosion resistance of hot galvanised embankment gabion baskets is some 100–200 years. Their polished appearance makes the site look immaculate. The structure of the embankment gabion baskets is clear and simple, which makes them an affordable choice. Embankment gabion baskets can be filled by hand or with an excavator: the latter makes the work very efficient. Embankment gabion baskets can be used for small and large sites and projects. The basket size is 2 x 0.5 x 0.5 metres (width x height x depth). A high-quality Finnish product, the basket model was developed in 2015.